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I contributed content to This is a site that takes an in-depth look at panels and speakers that spoke at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas every year.


Mapping and Geolocation: Turnkey Approaches You Need to Know

The new gold rush is geolocation.

Similar to how Google owns search engines, the panelists said there is sort of a race to find who will own user location.

With the advancing technologies within mobile devices, it is quite easy to plot and map the device holder’s location on the internet.

Foursquare and Gowalla are two services that plot user locations, and are both contenders to own geolocation.

Foursquare allows users to “check in” to anywhere the person goes, be it a restaurant or a library. You can acquire badges.

The panelists said there are greater potentials for geolocation than just acquiring badges. They gave the example of using a real-life farmville where users literally go around their towns to get crops, and sell them to other people in other locations in the world.

An issue and concern about geolocation is privacy, according to the panelists. Letting people know where you are at all times could lead to consequences like theft of empty homes.

Panelists said video games are going to be the entrance that let people feel comfortable showing their locations on the internet because they use avatars as opposed to the actual person.

“This is the next big thing,” a panelist said. ”Location is happening next.”

Tarantino Fans Scoff Before Interactive Panel

While most of the panels hosted in room 18ABCD at the Austin Convention Center are for SXSW Interactive, a few are for SXSW Film, including a panel that was scheduled to have film director Quentin Tarantino.

Room 18ABCD is one of the few rooms that allow both film and interactive inside.

People showed up to the morning interactive panels Saturday solely to save their seat for Tarantino’s film panel at 12:30.

Normally, SXSW personnel do not clear panel rooms of the audience to prepare for other panels. However, SXSW made a sudden decision to empty out 18ABCD after the interactive panel “How To Create A Viral Video.”

People waiting during the interactive panels jeered and scoffed when they were told they were to give up their seat prior to Tarantino’s scheduled panel. Some stood up and left the room before the interactive panel began. Some angry seat savers made minor threats to the SXSW interactive crew.

No one was harmed.

The entire crowd waiting for Tarantino actually fit in the room.

There was a lot of hoopla for Tarantino’s panel. Too bad Tarantino was a no-show!

Here is video of SXSW Interactive telling the audience they must clear the room after the viral video panel:

Preview: Is Flash On Death Row?

February 16, 2010 Love it or hate it, Adobe Flash is quite relevant in today’s world-wide-web. However, some are claiming the end of Flash is nigh, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs who said Adobe is a lazy company.

What supposedly is going to kill Flash? It could be the animation, graphics and interactive capabilities of the upcoming HTML5 that will not require a plug-in.

However, some people argue that HTML 5 has nothing on Flash and can not give adequate results that Flash gives.

The debate is intense! Where do you stand on the subject?

Here are some of the this year’s SXSW interactive panels and speakers that will specifically deal with this topic:

  • Is Canvas The End Of Flash? (3/16 12:30) – Panelists will discuss the HTML5 Canvas element, uses of Canvas, comparisons of Canvas to Flash, and more. (Organized by Gregory Veen of Small Batch Inc.)
  • HTML 5 Accessibility (3/14 2:00) – What is the difference between video built in natively in the browser or provided through a Flash plugin? This event will answer that and discuss the accessibility of the new kid on the block HTML5. (Organized by Martin Kliehm of The Web Standards Project)
  • HTML 5: Tales From The Development Trenches (3/13 3:30) – This event will show the ups and downs of HTML 5, commercial advantages to using it for businesses, and discuss if Flash will be obsolete. (Organized by Bruce Lawson of Opera Software ASA)
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