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Here are some of my solo demos. Most of the songs posted so far are only acoustic demos. They will eventually be full band productions.

Use the music player to hear my tunes. Click a song's box below to reveal the story and/or lyrics.

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The Incubus Attacks (Full-band Demo)

(Finished Sept. 29, 2011)

This song is a bit different than my previously posted. It's longer, edgier, and a bit kinky! The name "Incubus Attacks" is a bit of a double entendre. The definition of an incubus is a demon that was believed to have sex with sleeping women. Eww!

So you could only assume what an incubus attack means in that circumstance. But also, I learned in Mr. Jama's Phychology class that it is another term for a night terror, or a REAL BAD nightmare.

I came up with the main riff and idea of the lyrics back in 2007, but have been inspired lately to finish this one. I've seen lots of beautiful and sweet girls that decide to go after some...... (cough-douchebags-cough) excuse me. sorry bout that.

Anyway, the ispiration for this song is basically a HUGE exagerration about a douche bag trying to pick up a nice girl (replace "douche" and "nice girl" with "Incubus" and "Angel"). He doesn't care about her really, but he just wants her. But does she give in to him? Does this Incubus Attack end up becoming a nightmare for her?? She's all bruised up from her last encounter. Will she rebound so soon after?

Tune in and find out!

(Also, excuse the tuning problems. I need singing lessons!)


"The Incubus Attacks"
© 2011 Sajen Hernandez

Mirror of beauty
Or at least from what I can see
Through your wings
(Angel hiding)

Cocooned in innocence
Purity; your defense
To heal your wounds
(Why not reveal?)

Spread a wing
Let me take your hand
I've got something I want to show

You'll be safe
As long as you never know
I'm just an incubus attack

Look at all your scars
No doubt you're on your guard
You're scared of me
(No need. Trust me)

Ch 1: The incubus attacks

Sourced inside your heart
Pumping blood to your body parts

Self-consciously unable
To act out nature's way
A prisoner
(in purity)

Shed a wing
What you want to be
Don't let fear take control

You'll be alright
As long as you never know
I'm just an incubus attack

Ch 2:
Together we will sleep
Fill voids of what used to be
Trust in me so easily
The incubus attacks

Did the last one do
all this harm to you
Ripped your spirit apart
Put hesitation in your heart

I can help you heal
There's no need to flinch
And now that I am near
Disregard the syringe

Where do you sleep at night?
I'll meet you there all right, sweet baby
There, you'll see the strength of u
Unseparated us

Sun-Made (Acoustic Demo)

(Finished June 29, 2011)

Here is another acoustic demo. I had a hard time with the mixing of the vocals of this song. But, I finally got to a point where I don't care, and just posted it anyway! There is an instrumental section in the middle of this song. It's actually quite a visual part on the acoustic guitar. I will make a video for this song soon. This is my last demo that I recorded in Lubbock, Texas. I'm off to Colorado for the summer. Anyway, enjoy!


The sun
Rises today
Crisis and dismay

Because I know you are there
I feel at home in your care
I see the sun shine through your hair
Sunshine Girl

I used to see no sun at all
I used to stand amidst nightfall
Beyond the clouds I saw the girl
Best sunrise in the world

I know you are there
Your love clears the skies
I see the sun shine in your eyes
Sun-eyed girl

Sun-made girl
(Made of the sun)

Prodigy Demo (Daniel's Song)

(Finished December, 2008)

I wrote and recorded this demo for the Green family in 2008. Their son/brother Daniel Green was needlessly murdered over a minor car accident. Daniel was and is still a huge inspiration to me. Even at his funeral I felt a huge deal of inspiration along with the sadness. He had a great possitive impact on all that he met. He was one of the greatest musicians I have ever known, and one of the kindest, funniest, and most endearing people I've ever met. Gala, Lynn, Emily, Jeremy, Amanda, Luke, Aiden and the rest of the Greens, I am truly sorry. I still think of Daniel and your family on a near daily basis. Thank you for providing me with some of my dearest friends.

Weeks before Daniel was killed he got an awesome tattoo on his wrist. It was a musical staff fused with a cross showing his love for music and his faith. The notes on his wrist are the initials of himself and his family. At 6:53 in this demo, you'll hear those notes on the guitar... DG, E, D, A. The Green family sounds quite beautiful in musical form!


In the month of May
A family celebrates
The birth of a prodigy who has a dream

And he did pursue
His whole life lived in tune
And people could see his gleam

He was a snowflake
Only one of his kind
As he touched the earth
'Just wish he had more time

In the midst of Fall
His family and friends are in awe
Remembering the man he was
Tears in their eyes

So hard to let him go
Because it hurts to know
They must go on with their lives

He was a snowflake
Truly one-of-a-kind
As I left the chapel
I felt his chill down my spine

Like snow within May
Too soon away, and now we're dejected
At least we know
he matched with his theme

And if he had to go
at this time so unexpected
At least we know
he followed his dream

So large was his soul
Seems like it overflowed
into the hearts of the ones he loved most

Perhaps we're snowflakes all
Together in a ball
If we let it roll
it'll get bigger and bigger and bigger

Inspired in my heart
I still feel connected
It feels so fresh
It feels so Green

And, if I go
at a time unexpected
At least I'll know
I followed my dream

I'll live in a manner t'where I'll never forget
I'll live to the fullest and I'll never regret

How does life compare with our dreams

...And Life Ignites (Acoustic Demo)

(Finished June 3, 2011)

Acoustic demo! I had faulty equipment during the recording of this one, so I couldn't quite hear my vocals as I was recording. I may re-record the vocals at some point because I hear some tuning issues! But, I'm posting this version for now so I can move on to a new song. Big shout out to my SBBFF Heather Hernandez. She helped me out with some of the whistles recorded in the song. Enjoy!


Foggy night
I’m hypnotized
I see her footprints on the sand

They’re magical
Her footprints glow
Like confetti that gleams across the land

When I breathe in
I smell her skin
I think it’s love before first sight

So away I go
Follow the glow
Compelled to find her through the sand

The night grows much darker
And the footprints begin to fade

I feel a mess inside
I’ve lost your trail to darkness, baby
Your scent’s alive in me,
but only mentally,
I can’t smell it (anymore)

Lost and alone
This hazy darkness almost got the best of me
But then

I see a light shine through
Your bones illuminate your body
I would go blind if not for the
Porcelain skin that tries to hide it

When I reach to touch you
I shock electrified
To know you touch me too
My blood’s ablaze inside
And life ignites

A fire sight
She burns my eyes
I don’t squint
I gladly soak her in

She lets my hand go
Now my hand glows
Her remnants glisten on my skin

With sadness in her smile
She tells me she’s leaving for a while
She’s gone

I feel a mess inside
I’ve lost your trail to darkness, baby

Your scent’s alive in me,
but only mentally,
I can’t smell it (anymore)

Lost and alone
I wonder if this hazy darkness will get the best of me

But my hand is glowing from your touch
Although it may not be much
I point my finger to light the way
And life continued on day by day

The years went by without a trace
And I’m still dreaming of your face
I wonder if you were a dream

You have a light in you
Your bones illuminate your body
I would go blind if not for the
Ember skin that tried to hide it

I held you in my arms
I shocked electrified
And when you kissed me too
My blood’s ablaze inside
And life ignites

Beneath The Valencian Moon (Acoustic Demo)

(Finished May 19, 2011)

I wrote the music to this song while I was living in Valencia Spain. That inspired me to write some of the lyrics in Spanish. Thanks to Lizette, Raphael, Alex, Jackie, Kendal, and Kim for helping me out with the translation!


Eres tan bella como las estrellas (You're as beautiful as the stars)
Pero con los trucos de la luna (But with the tricks of the moon)
Esos trucos me hacen sentir feo (Those tricks make me feel ugly)

A veces te veo claro (Sometimes I see you clear [full moon])
Otras veces no te encuentro (Other times, I can't find you [new moon])
Y si te dijera que estoy enfadado (And if I were to tell you I am mad)
Sería una mentira (It would be a lie)

Maybe your love's lost in translation
I never find it in your Spanish words
Perhaps it’s miscommunication

Sometimes I te entiendo clearly
Sometimes you don't talk at all
How fickle is the moon tonight
As the Spanish stars shine bright

You should not get away with this
But you give me the Spanish kiss
You don’t deserve my passion
Or all the satisfaction
But you’re beautiful beneath Valencia’s moon

You will not get away with this (No deberías salirte con la tuya)
Don’t even try the Spanish kiss (Sigues dándome tu beso)
You don’t deserve my passion
Or all the satisfaction
But you’re beautiful underneath the Valencian moon

Here we go again
You’re driving me insane
But I’ll just let it go , because you’re beautiful

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