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My Mission

Welcome to my site, and thanks for stopping by! How are ya? I hope you are fantastic today! My name is Sajen, and I have three rounds of questions for ya!

  • ROUND 1: What is the difference between hobbies and passions? How about between passions and work?

To me, there is no difference.

Lucky for me, I have a hard time discerning between work and play when I undertake a passion. Whether it's songwriting, photography, web design or something else, I put in an abundance amount of research, work, time, love, and care to progress within my passions. It takes a lot out of me, but the enrichment that follows a hard days work (or play) infinitely fuels me.

  • ROUND 2: What takes up most of your day, time, and energy? Is it a job, or school? What is your area of work or study?

As of right now, I'm lucky enough to where my passions take up most of my day, time, and energy. My music, videos, photos, web designs etc.. -- some of the very things that fuel me -- are what have my daily energy. I love it! Though my day and time is shared with my job, my energy is still focused on my passions.

One more round of questions. This one's a doozy that requires a set up.. Let's say hypothetically that out of the clear blue sky, a billion dollar check with your name on fell and landed in your morning cup of coffee. After cleaning the coffee off, you cash that baby, and are now 100% financially secure! Nice!

    ROUND 3: Same questions from round 2. What would take up most of your day, time, and energy now that you are financially secure? What would be your area of work or study now?

I'm totally guessing here, but I'd guess that a large number people would have different answers between rounds 2 and 3. That breaks my heart just a tad.

My honest answers to rounds 2 and 3 are the same -- "my passions." They consume my life now, and they would do the same no matter how financially secure I am.

I don't expect a billion dollars by any means, but my mission is to find a way to live fairly comfortably by doing what I love doing for a living! I'd take that over a billion dollars any day.

This site is created to house examples of my passions, and to share them with whoever is interested in them. Go ahead and explore the site. And remember, I love you!

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