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Sajen Hernandez was born and raised in Texas. He developed an Ear for music at an early age as he hummed along with his old-school Nintendo. He was given his first drumset at the age of 9, and began banging away.

In junior high school, Sajen was made to play the Euphonium in band. (The band director said Sajen didn't have the hands for percussion.) At first, He did not like that instrument, but it grew on him by high school.

Sajen's high school years consisted of lots of film-making with his new video camera. He began watching movies and other video productions, not for entertainment, but to gain an eye for film and video aesthetics.

Contrary to what that junior high band director said, Sajen switched over to the drumline during his highschool years and served as drum captain his senior year.

Sajen was introduced to his favorite band Dream Theater in 2001 who opened his ear even more to diverse styles and inspired him to progress in drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals.

He studied music and broadcast journalism at South Plains College where he recieved an associates degree. He transfered to Texas State University to continue his musical and broadcast education. He worked for Texas State's newspaper and radio station where he recieved multiple awards.

During his college years, Sajen began seriously composing music on his bundled Garageband software and musical keyboard. He wrote multiple musical scores for film students at the University of Texas. He wrote the score for a submission to a Chipotle commercial contest; the submission was a national finalist. He also went on to write music that appeared on UFC fighter Paul Buentello's webpage, as well as music used in a making-of documentary for a film starring Kevin Sorbo.

He recieved one of the best gifts of his life from his sister during Christmas of 2009; a Canon EOS 7D camera. He began his journey as a photographer and has already professionally photographed a wedding.

His last semester of college was unique. He became a world traveller and studied in Spain to progress his spanish. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2010.

Right after college, Sajen became obsessed with the idea of a '30 by 30' list -- 30 life goals to be completed by age 30. Why wait until age 90 to start pursuing life dreams? He made drastic changes to his life in order to "do life's to-do list today" by moving to a snowy mountain to learn to snowboard.

However, that was just the beginning.

In March 2014, Sajen abandoned a home and traditional job and drove to Maine. With ample research, he found a way to live in his car and make money playing a self-invented music instrument out of pipes in order to see all 50 states. A year later, He's still at it!

If he had to label himself within a single label, he'd refer to himself as a storyteller. All of his training and passions are tools for storytelling in multimedia.

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