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Web Assignments

Here are some sites I created for my beginning web design and Info Gathering classes:

Climb On site picture

Climb On

This is a site I created for my advanced Web design class. It is a beginners guide to getting into the sport of rock climbing.

 Hip Hop site picture

Combat the Stereotypes

Final web project about focusing on the positive sides of hip hop instead of the negative stereotypes.

Social Media site picture

In a Changing World

This is a site I created for my Info Gathering class. It was a research assignment over how technology, social media and the Internet are affecting the world.

My First Site Picture

First Site

This was the first site I created when I learned the basics to HTML and CSS.

Drum Tips site picture

Drum Tips

This site just may hook you up with some mad drumming skills. Probably not, though. It's not very informative.

Flash site picture

Flash Project

Ever wondered what Disneyworld looked like on Christmas day? Have a click to see some pictures.

Video site picture

Video Project

A video about some college kid's thoughts on technology.

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